Regenerative organic farming is the path to a brighter future

Human Health

Eliminating pesticides from our food system will reduce exposure to toxins that have been shown to have serious health consequences.


Soil health, water quality, and pollinator health are but a few ecological benefits of regenerative organic agriculture.

Local Economies

Sourcing food locally has powerful multiplier effects within local economies and strengthens communities in several ways.

Environmentalism Leads Back to the Soil

For decades, Lauren Bender and Adrian Hyde have been passionate environmental advocates and activists. Causes they have supported included blocking fracking in NY state, reducing ocean plastics, and expanding access to recycling opportunities. They are always asking themselves, “Where can we invest our limited time, money and energy to have the greatest, positive impact on the environment?” Not surprisingly, the answer always ties back to the soil. The role of soil in addressing climate change and a range of environmental and health issues is underappreciated. Dunwald Farm wishes to change that.


  • " Dunwald Farm is near our own farm. I knew what Dunwald looked like before it was farmed organically. The transformation has been miraculous, and it demonstrates the power of regenerative organic agriculture. The world would be a better place if more people adopted these agricultural practices. "

    Stephanie Harris, Stonehedge Farm

  • " Dunwald Farm is a great partner for educational programming that relates to our food system and the environment. Dunwald proves that we do not need pesticides if we care for the soil properly. Seeing is believing: the soils at Dunwald are teeming with life and the plants are clearly very happy. "

    Dor Mullen, Founder, The Suppers Programs

  • " Nomad achieves its exceptional flavor by sourcing the very best ingredients, often from local, organic farms like Dunwald. Dunwald’s garlic is beautiful in its appearance and perfect in its taste. We feel good knowing that there are never any chemicals on their produce. "

    Matt Shankel, Nomad Pizza

  • " Dunwald is a beautiful jewel of a farm set in Central Jersey, near Hopewell. I met Adrian Hyde at the Mercer County Agriculture Exchange, when he and Laura Braumley helped me figure out a ph issue with my garden soil. In a few short sentences my problem was solved, and Adrian signed up to donate part of his harvest to the Cornerstone Kitchen at Princeton United Methodist Church. His gifts of produce and time were invaluable to the CCK clients. We appreciate Dunwold's effort to reduce hunger in our local community. Thank you Dunwald Farm, you are making a difference in the lives of others. "

    Carter Cunningham

  • " Dunwald has provided unique educational opportunities to our children throughout the year. We always feel warmly welcomed there. Dunwald is a beautiful place, and everyone always has a great time. Our son, Aiden, is doing experiments there with Monarch butterflies. The surroundings and support at Dunwald have inspired and motivated him. "

    Yuki Azumi

  • " We source local, organic, seasonal produce whenever we can. It is a very important part of what we do. We appreciate that Dunwald produces high quality berries and vegetables without pesticides, but we also appreciate the work that they do to promote businesses that source locally. "

    Kim Rizk, Jammin Crepes

  • " Adrian and Lauren are eager to share their knowledge with anyone considering organic farming or gardening. We have collaborated with them in the past, and the results were terrific. Students don’t want them to let them go! "

    Olga Talyn, Environmental Education Fund

  • " Organic farmers make good neighbors. It’s nice to know that our pollinator friends still have places they can go that have not been sprayed with toxic pesticides. "

    Alison Novobilski

Services Overview

Fruits & Vegetables

Dunwald grows high-quality, certified organic fruits and vegetables without the use of pesticides.

Hands-on Learning

Dunwald offers customized educational experiences for children and adults.


Dunwald is eager to share its knowledge of sustainable growing practices with others.